Leonidas at Thermopylae

21st Century Crusade

“The idea is no longer the martyred form of the oppressed, but the beginning of a higher form. Men


Higher Forms

Since the war I have stressed altogether five main objectives. The

The European Declaration

We, being Europeans, conscious of a tradition which derives from classic

Christ, Nietzsche, & Caesar

Our opponents allege that Fascism has no historic background or philosophy,

Spheres of Influence

I have long suggested a division of the world into three

First on Television

In the long running ban of Oswald Mosley from all forms

Towards a Fascist Europe

Views may vary as to the causes of the division of


Unemployment, Public Works, the Trade Unions   The other sphere in

Britain First Rally 1939

Britain First – Exhibition Hall, Earls Court, July 16th, 1939  


More drivel is talked about the Jews than most subjects; both

Guerrilla Warfare

America and Europe are only now learning in the hard way

Regulation 18B

Imprisonment Without Charge Or Trial. Prior to World War II, England

European Socialism

The greatest achievement of Syndicalism, however, is likely to be in