“Mosley: The Facts” offers an eclectic overview of Oswald Mosley’s contribution to political thought as expressed through his speeches and writings both before and after the Second World War. It also includes appraisals of his ideas and career by political contemporaries such as Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.

Mosley is shown to have been one of the most imaginative political thinkers of his age. He was the first advocate of a United Europe decades before the European Union was born, and he fully understood the impact on society brought about by automation and technological change. He was also one of the first to recognise that future wars would be fought and decided not by those who possessed nuclear weapons, but by those who fought for an idea – combatants among a civilian population who were half soldier, half politician.

Not least, as a visionary before his time, he describes his Third Position as an alternative to discredited capitalism and state socialism based on a synthesis of free enterprise and syndicalism.

This new edition offers the reader an insight into one of the most talented and controversial thinkers of our time.

140mm x 216 mm – Gloss Laminated – 350 Pages