Sir Oswald Mosley came upon the political scene like a meteor. A hero of World War One, he was the youngest MP elected to the British Parliament at age 22. When the Labour Government refused to tackle the problem of unemployment he resigned from office. On 1st Oct, 1932 he founded the British Union of Fascists.

Fascism was the new creed which constituted a Third Position, rejecting both the greed of capitalism and the class warfare of socialism. Oswald Mosley created the ideology of the “thought-deed political soldier”. Many people were thoroughly indoctrinated in his new doctrine of placing the good of the entire community above that of the privileged cliques. He sought to elevate society for the betterment of all and not the enrichment of the few.

Sir Oswald Mosley attracted supporters from all walks of life. Here are the true, remarkable stories of some of the men and women who sacrificed their social status to follow Mosley, regardless of what fate might lie in store for them. They were believers in the man and his mission. His philosophy of leadership by the elite and not the mob is more important today than ever before. As Mosley said: “The Spirit Lives The Rest Will Follow”.

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