The publication of the first edition of ‘The Greater Britain’ coincided with the formation of the British Union of Fascists by Oswald Mosley in 1932. It provided hope and inspiration for tens of thousands of British men and women seeking an end to the Great Depression – and an alternative to communism and capitalism.

In this important book Mosley set out his plans for a new economic order – and a new system of government to implement it. This would involve Britain’s withdrawal from the chaos of world markets into a self-sufficient trading area based on Great Britain and her Empire.

It was argued that this alone could free the people from exploitation by International Finance which used cheap labour in Asia and the Far East to undercut British and Empire workers – resulting in the destruction of our major industries.

The book also outlines an alternative to ‘sham democracy’ and its replacement by a British Corporate State. Under this proposal all working people would share the profits they helped to create and they would be empowered by voting along vocational rather than 19th. Century geographic lines.

Other chapters deal with ‘The State and the Citizen’, a new concept of public service, and ‘Fascism and its Neighbours’, the new movement’s attitude towards foreign relations and defence.

Any understanding of what the Modern Movement really stood for in Great Britain is incomplete without having read ‘The Greater Britain’.

140mm x 216 mm – Gloss Laminated – 136 Pages