Oswald Mosley – An Inspiration for 21st Century Europe

Europe A Nation

‘Europe’ is more than an economic region from which bloated bureaucrats and political nonentities draw salaries and perks. Before the conniving Count Kalergi and his banker friends, and before cabals such as the Bilderberg Group, there was ‘Europe’ as a living, dynamic organism, whose culture, faith, and heroes have been smothered in a quagmire of American junk culture, the debt of bankers, and the opportunity for the sweepings of the world to call themselves ‘Europeans’. ‘Europe’ has been hijacked and besmirched by outer enemies and inner traitors.

Paradoxically, the Europeans with the soundest instincts are among those who reject and oppose the entity that is today called ‘Europe’, as the recent Brexit poll indicated. However, such has been the disgust at the European project as manifested by secular-humanists, Masons, bankers, bureaucrats and U.S. geopolitical strategists, that the noble Idea of Europe-a-Nation, unfolding over the course of centuries, has been replaced by those who should be promoting it most avidly with the petty-statism that was inaugurated by the French Revolution and subsequent liberal forces of disintegration. Europe has been turned into a travesty of herself, and spurned by those who should be her champions because they are not seeing beyond several hundred years of treachery, corruption and culture-sickness.

Freedom, Justice, Solidarity

Freedom, Justice, Solidarity

That “liberty, equality, fraternity” promoted a doctrine of selfishness and individualism, and he said that it needs to be replaced by “freedom, justice and solidarity” for a socially just and healthy nation. Mosley also proposed a variety of measures to guarantee and extend individual freedom. For example, he urged a constitutional enactment to prevent imprisonment without trial and a facility whereby maligned individuals or groups can obtain the right to reply in the mass media.

Three Racial Types

Opposed to Multiculturalism

Mosley believed that multiculturalism is not a viable basis for society – it robs people of all ethnic backgrounds of their heritage causing a culture clash and a lack of social cohesion. Britain and Europe cannot become welfare centres for all the economic migrants of the world and the open door policy must end. The most valuable foreign aid we can give the Third World is the incentivised voluntary return of migrants to build prosperity in their countries of origin using the education and work skills they have acquired whilst here.

Government of Experts

We need a New Model Parliament to get things done – Mosley said the geographic franchise is 100 years out of date and should be scrapped. Instead of voting for M.P.s on a local franchise he advocated the occupational or vocational franchise. Under this system everyone who worked in healthcare would choose from healthcare candidates, teachers for teaching candidates, transport workers for transport candidates, retail workers for retail candidates etc. In this way we would create a parliament of experts – elected by experts.

The Housing Shortage

Treat the housing shortage like an operation of war – A spiralling population and years of uncontrolled immigration have made decent housing unaffordable for large numbers of our people. Mosley advocated treating the housing shortage as an operation of war – Government should intervene to finance and build more homes to rent at a cost ordinary people can afford. These extra homes will also help to bring down the cost of renting and buying in the private sector by the law of supply and demand. Old factory and office sites that are no longer needed should be used for these new homes as far as possible and no building on the Green Belt should be strictly enforced.

Capitalism and Marxism Have Failed

Capitalism and Marxism Have Failed

That both Capitalism and Marxism are failed materialist doctrines – both are socially divisive and are solely concerned about the acquisition and distribution of property and wealth. Mosley believed that self sacrifice and service to the community are preferable to the acquisition of excessive wealth and materialism. A society based solely upon the pursuit of wealth and the accumulation of property creates a socially unjust and unhealthy society.

Zones of Influence

Zones of Influence

No interference in other zones of influence – Global conflict between nations is frequently driven by financial rivalries. This can be avoided by the creation of ‘zones of influence’ where the richer superpowers such as the United States, China, India and a greater Europe (which will include Russia) each taking responsibility for assisting with the development and growth of smaller countries within their geographic spheres. The existing free-for-all created by the present system where workers migrate half way across the world in order to earn a living wage would be replaced by economic and social planning initiated and financed solely by the assisting superpower in each ‘zone of influence’.

Destruction of the family

Abolition of Income Tax

Income Tax should be abolished – In his writings and speeches Oswald Mosley asserted that people should be taxed on what they spend and not on what they earn. So tax on essentials like fuel and clothing would be much lower than on luxury items like fast cars and foreign holidays in exotic locations. This would assist those on modest incomes by shifting the burden of taxation towards those in a better position to afford it. Zero income tax would also encourage saving. Most government income for public services would then be derived from taxation on company profits and luxury goods: spending money on essentials is a necessity – spending it on luxuries is optional.

Destruction of the family

Consumerism Is Not Sustainable

That we manufacture and create products with craftsmanship and pride, as we once did under the guilds in Europe for over a thousand years. Mosley regarded industrialised “consumerism” as a not only a waste of human labour and the planets resources, but ecologically, economically and politically unsustainable.

Corporate State

Industrial Democracy

Mosley supported a third system of Industrial Democracy in which employees would become stakeholders in the companies they work for and all profits would go to them and them alone. Absentee shareholders would be paid off – employees of all companies over a certain size would become co-owners and elect their own representatives to serve on Boards of Directors. This redistribution of the ownership of industry and commerce will promote greater incentives among the work force – their share of the profits will depend directly on their enterprise and initiative.

Government Control of Banking

Money is simply a means of exchange for work done – it is not a commodity to be traded or gambled on the world’s stock markets at the expense of the nation and its people. A culture that promotes the acquisition of money without the physical / intellectual effort to earn it is morally wrong. Both central and local banking must be drastically reformed – Real investment is too important to be left to bankers driven by the size of their monthly bonuses: Government must have stronger controls over the money supply and the regulation of banking procedure. The Central Banking system must be removed from control by a handful of individuals, and placed under the control of government, because without control over the nations money and its supply all government is powerless. Banking must be viewed as a service to the community – not an opportunity for gangster bankers to get rich quick.

Human Overpopulation

Overpopulation is the real cause of climate change – Governments won’t focus on the real reason driving climate change and pollution: the massive increase in world population that our planet simply cannot sustain. Every human being brings with them a carbon footprint and the world’s population has more than doubled since as recently as 1970. So no matter how many tin cans and plastic bottles we recycle it’s negated by the arrival of another 250,000 humans every day. People must be encouraged to accept smaller families to reduce world population to a level the planet can support without causing further global warming. For a start we should stop rewarding people for having more children with child benefits and tax reductions. Global capitalism will always oppose population control because more people mean more profits.

The Environment & Animals

That we have a duty to protect and preserve our environment and all animals. Mosley opposed the killing of, and cruelty to, animals for sport, entertainment, and religious ritual.

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