The European Declaration

The European Declaration That Europe a Nation shall forthwith be made a fact. This means that Europe shall have a common government for purposes of foreign policy, defence, economic [...]

The Philosophy of Fascism

Being a lecture delivered by Sir Oswald Mosley at the English Speaking Union on Wednesday, 22nd March 1933. OUR opponents allege that Fascism has no historic background or philosophy, [...]

Usury the Primary Issue

Usury the Primary Issue ‘Usury’ by its strictest definition is any interest charged on a loan. It is regarded as a sin by Islam and by Catholicism, and [...]

Power Over Finance

To play with the problem of finance, merely by nationalising the Bank of England which for all practical purposes is nationalised already, is only worthy of the make-believe of [...]

The Idea of ‘Europe’

‘Europe’ is more than an economic region from which bloated bureaucrats and political nonentities draw salaries and perks. Before the conniving Count Kalergi and his banker friends, and before [...]

Do you condemn anti-Semitism?

Yes, certainly. It is a stupidity as well as an evil. How ridiculous to see a man blathering away about the Jews until he is blue in the face, [...]

What is your attitude to Israel?

I adhere to the policy of a Jewish national home, which I suggested in The Alternative as follows:- “For over two thousand years the Jews have asked for a national [...]

Mosley’s Views on anti-Semitism

More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be [...]