“The idea is no longer the martyred form of the oppressed, but the beginning of a higher form. Men are beginning not to look down, but to look up. And it is precisely at this point that a new way of political thinking shape to what many are beginning to feel is a new urge of humanity. It becomes an impulse of nature itself directly man is free from the stifling oppression of dire primitive need.”

Thus wrote OSWALD MOSLEY in “My Life”. His thoughts have relevance today. Communism has been shown as a self-defeating system only workable by tyranny in poverty wherever it was tried. Fascism, born out of the holocaust of World War 1, with its ‘a plague on both your houses’, succumbed to that strange partnership of Communist tyranny and the old democratic order that had shown to be incapable of solving the problem of those times, poverty in the age of plenty. Today, all political parties embrace the 19th Century creed of ‘market forces’ designed for an age of poverty, which destroys all values in an age of plenty. Prime Minister Blair leads in chasing the will-of-the-wisp, the illusion of a ‘Global Economy’, and the churches seem unable to provide moral guidance as they join forces with the ‘political correct’.

“The ideal of creating a higher form on earth” MOSLEY continued, “can now rise before men with the power of a spiritual purpose, which is not simply a philosophic abstraction but a complete expression of a deep human desire. All men want their children to live better than they have lived, just as they tried by their own exertions to life themselves beyond the level of their fathers whose affection and sacrifice often gave them the chance to do it. This is the right and natural urge in mankind becomes a spiritual purpose.”

In his book, “Europe, Faith and Plan” he wrote: “To believe that the purpose of life is  a movement from lower to higher forms is to record an observable fact. If we reject that fact, we reject every finding of modern science, as well as the evidence of our own eyes….It is necessary to believe that this is the purpose of life, because we can observer that this is the way the world works, whether we believe  in Divine purpose or not. And once we believe that this is the way the world works and deduce from a long record that is the only it can work, this because a purpose because it is the only means by which the world is likely to work in the future. If the purpose fails the world fails.”

Under the policy of market forces’ and ‘global economy, advances in science are used to boost profits for capitalism. Even medical discoveries are patented and charged at ridiculous prices. The talk now is of ‘designer babies’ and a prolonged life span, but only for the very rich, those outside kept quite with the modern version of the Roman circus with a promised 200 TV channels.

There are many challenges still not met. The pollution by petrol engines that is destroying our planet, an ideal target for any government to make an electric or solar power car. Definitely possible, why is it not done? Ask Tony Blair’s mate the Chairman of BP Oil. There are many estates in the North East that are beyond redemption, so badly run-down and the area economically deprived say the Housing Corporation. The destruction of our heavy industries that sustained the areas did not happen overnight. Why was it allowed to happen? Ask our Tony  – he is MP for one of the areas. The Housing Corporation’s solutions is to demolish the estates and scatter the people elsewhere. All in the name of ”market forces”.

Blair tells of that more people are now in work. How many are mothers are forced back to work by the Government determined to get them off benefit, their small children deprived of her attention when they need it most? And she, collecting her child from a minder on way home, too exhausted to do other than sit her child before a TV to keep it quite while she puts the pre-packed so-called ‘ready meal’ in the oven.

This is life for many under a market forces, global economy. The North today, Midlands tomorrow and even their pet South-East will catch a cold when the foreign owned banks decide to move from London.

The Challenge for the 21st Century generation is to seek and proclaim the faith that can inspire the British and European peoples. Some of the economic disasters created by world ‘market forces’ have been indicated and they will intensify. An ominous sign is the thousands of economic migrants, posing as asylum seekers, flooding into Britain and mainland Europe, victims of the global market forces. Trying to find a better way of life, poor devils, and we feel for them though it cannot go on though the politicians seem unable or unwilling to solve the problem.

Britain and Europe must make ready to defend all that is best in our Western and Christian traditions. Britain can no longer do it alone.
At present their does not seem to be a military threat from Russia or China. A danger for which we should prepare is a militant Islam. The start of the 2nd Millennium saw Europe fighting to eject Islamic invaders from Europe in bloody conflict, their hordes reaching the gates of Vienna before driven out. Today Islam is entering Europe in huge numbers, not as an Army, but as migrants. When established they call for Muslim schools, political representation, and when large enough they demand a Muslim state. Remember Bosnia and Kosovo.

So apart from the down in our standard of life which must surely come, we must become aware of the threat to our Western and Christian heritage. Once again we turn to Oswald Mosley….

“He who can combine within himself this sanity and this dynamism become thereby a higher form,… it is a personal ideal of which all can live, a purpose in life.”

So with this new Century, we, the ‘old guard’ survivors who strode with Mosley in his long march, hand on the torch to a new generation that must find the faith, must find the will, to ensure that the struggle goes on and that Britain Shall Live.

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