NEIL FRANCIS-HAWKINS, Joined the British Fascists on their formation in the early 1920’s, and he carried the bulk of the male membership from that declining organisation with him to join Oswald Mosley in his newly formed British Union of Fascists in 1932.

He fairly soon became London Organiser and was responsible for the successful mass meetings at the Albert Hall and Olympia, where he showed a skill and courage outside his organising ability. Later he was promoted to National Organiser, and eventually Director General of British Union, a post he held until the dissolution of the Movement in 1940.

During the latter years of British Union he controlled the Movement’s enterprises. He was Secretary/Managing Director, and Chairman of BUF Trust Ltd., and was Trustee and business manager of British Union, BUF Trust controlled seven companies associated with it covering two weekly newspapers, “Action” and “Blackshirt”, publishing, bookselling, general shops, film production, printing, and general wholesale merchants.

Apart from two months in Stafford Goal, ‘F.H.’ spent his 18B detention in Brixton. Released from Internment in 1944 he eventually started his own business in the rehabilitation of industrial property, and gave freelance employment to a number of ex-18b detainees who were finding it difficult to find work.

In 1948 he was involved behind the scenes in the formation of Union Movement. Sadly, Neil Francis-Hawkins, died on 25th December 1950 at the age of 47 from bronchial asthma. Undefeated his honour and integrity intact, his devotion and loyalty to Britain and Oswald Mosley undiminished.



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