Mosley addresses crowd at Trafalgar Square 1958.

Oswald Mosley addresses supporters in Trafalgar Square, London. 1958.

Oswald Mosley - Albert Hall - 1934

Oswald Mosley speaking at the Albert Hall, London, 1934.

Mosley in Rome

Mosley and members of the BUF attend Italian Fascist parade in Rome 1934.

12 Lower Grosvenor Place, London, the first National Headquarters of the B.U.F.

Oswald Mosley and members of the “I Squad”

East Londoners greet Oswald Mosley

BUF Standard bearers

Oswald Mosley in British Union of Fascists uniform.

Mosley speaks at Earl’s Court 1939

Mosley speaks at Earl’s Court 1939

BUF Women’s Drum Corps

Parade at BUF HQ, Black House, Chelsea

Three generations of Mosley supporters.

Mosley inspects British Union members at “Black House” HQ 1935.

BUF Women’s Drum Corps

Oswald Mosley and Blackshirts 1935

Leading members of British Union of Fascists 1935

Back Row left to right: John H Hone – Jack E M Atherley – John Thompson – Richard A Plathen – Robert Gordon Canning – John W Beckett – Bryan D E Donovan – Lt-Col Charles S Sharpe – William Leaper

Front Row left to right: Alexander Raven Thomson РEric Hamilton Piercy РIan Hope Dundas РOswald Mosley РNeil L M Francis Hawkins РWilfred Risdon РWilliam Joyce

Mosley addresses BUF meeting at Hyde Park, London in 1935.

18b Internment Camp Ascot

18b Detention Camp at Ascot, Surrey. Even the Red Cross were denied access to the prisoners.

Mosley speaks at Earl’s Court 1939

Francis Hawkins and Oswald Mosley

British Union parade May 1939

Mosley speaks at Earl’s Court 1939

Oswald Mosley – Walsall 1954