‘Mosley: Right or Wrong?’ explores the ideas of the man many claimed was the most creative political thinker of the twentieth century. The book uses a concise question and answer format to give Oswald Mosley’s solutions to major problems still afflicting the world today.

He suggests an alternative to both Communism and Capitalism and describes his version of a United Europe free from the flaws inherent in today’s European Union.

Mosley’s answers also cover world nuclear disarmament, a fairer system of ownership of industry, restructured banking that puts the needs of people first and why mass immigration is against the true interests of both Third World and British people.

Looking back over his long lifetime, he discusses how Britain could have avoided the Second World War and still neutralised any threat from Nazi Germany. And he explains why he never considered himself an anti-semite regardless of his pre-War argument with some Jewish interests.

Mosley had an answer for everything and you will find 300 of them in this fascinating book. Although first published in 1961, such was his forward thinking that the issues are just as relevant today.

In this book Mosley demonstrates his belief that there is no problem in the world that cannot be overcome by the application of human thought.

Was Mosley right or wrong? You the reader can decide.

140mm x 216 mm – Gloss Laminated – 292 Pages