1.Oswald Mosley was the first modern politician to advocate the Union of Europe.

Once the Second World War was over and the British Empire was being dismantled, Mosley suggested there was nothing smart about being a tiny country in a world of giants. So he developed his concept of ‘Europe One Nation’ and first announced it in a speech to the people of East London in 1948. A United Europe would be self-sufficient in food, finance, fuel, raw materials and manufacturing capacity so would be truly independent and free from coercion by other power blocs. But Mosley’s concept of a United Europe was nothing like the present bureaucratic circus known as the European Union: he believed Europe should speak with one voice on foreign policy, defence and basic economic policy and devolve all other matters to local governments.

2. Oswald Mosley said we should have a Parliament of experts elected by experts to solve our political problems.

Under the present system we have a geographical franchise whereby we elect MPs based on where we live. Under this system people are supposed to be experts in everything to make the right choice in a General Election which clearly isn’t the case. But there is one thing we are all experts in: the job we do for a living. So Mosley advocated an occupational or vocational franchise where healthcare workers vote for a choice of healthcare candidates, people in retailing for retail candidates, teachers for educational candidates, transport workers for transport candidates etc Thus we would create a government of experts elected by experts – which would be far better qualified to successfully carry out the will of the people.

3. Oswald Mosley advocated that we should stay out of foreign wars that are none of our business. 

The U.K. and Europe should only fight if the U.K. and Europe are directly threatened. And if war does come we should have an Army, Navy and Air Force that’s big enough to win. The alternative is to become the policeman of the world – going round the world declaring war on everyone we don’t like. The trouble with that is there’s always some foreign leader we don’t like – so the nation is condemned to perpetual war. Let the other peoples of the world sort out their own problems. There are never any thanks given for trying to do their job for them.

4. Oswald Mosley believed that mixing up large numbers of people of different culture, traditions, religion, outlook and way of life in the same community leads only to strife.

Oswald Mosley said it was far better to help everybody achieve a decent standard of living for themselves and their families in their country of origin. This is why he advocated the incentivised and voluntary return of newcomers to good living conditions in their original homeland that his policies would create.

5. Oswald Mosley wrote that the best foreign aid we could give Third World countries is the voluntary return of people in Europe whose roots are in those overseas countries.

They would be taking with them the higher education, job skills and commercial experience that they gained in the U.K. and Europe to where it’s needed most – helping the Third World to emerge from hunger and poverty.

6. Oswald Mosley was opposed to both State Socialism and Capitalism and believed there was a far better system he called the Third Position.

Oswald Mosley wanted all businesses over a certain size to be jointly owned by all the people who were employed in them rather than by the State or Private Shareholders. In this way employees would become stakeholders in the companies they worked for, they would have a decisive say in the running of the company and all profits would be shared amongst them alone. As Communism and Capitalism have both clearly failed we should now look seriously at the Third Position.

7. Oswald Mosley made it clear that after WW2 the age of Fascism and National Socialism had passed.

He said that the narrow outlook of those two nationalist systems were incompatible with the political realities of the post-War world which demanded action on a continental scale. An extension of patriotism was needed to cover the whole of Europe which would then be powerful enough to oppose the advance of an internationalist world order and global capitalism.

8. Oswald Mosley had nothing but contempt for people who thought they could achieve something in post-War politics by dressing up in German Nazi uniforms.

Oswald Mosley referred to them as ‘political pygmies masquerading in the clothes of dead giants’. Before the War his supporters had worn a simple black shirt so they could identify each other when attacked and for a time some used a uniform based on the British Brigade of Guards only in black for the same purpose. He said wearing Germanic Nazi-style uniforms prevented people from taking them seriously and made them unelectable.

9. Oswald Mosley did not believe in Paganism, the Occult, Witchcraft, Runes, Odin or Wodin or any other New Age beliefs.

In all his writings and speeches he never once expressed any interest in mystical cults. Mosley considered that religion and atheism were personal issues and operate on a different level to political belief. When asked if he believed that there is a God he replied that the universe and evolution of the species were far too complex for there not to be.

10. Oswald Mosley wrote that the purpose of life was to evolve to a higher form.

Oswald Mosley believed we are all born with a number of strengths and natural gifts and as we progress in life we must build on these virtues in order to acquire greater wisdom, understanding and strength of character. This he called the ‘Doctrine of Higher Forms’ in which most advances in personal development are gained through overcoming adversity.